Multi-touch screens, look at each other and touch each other

Multi-touch screens, look at each other and touch each other

In education, in events, in showrooms digital signage supplier, in retail stores, in shopping centers, in airports. Even in banks and at the ATMs themselves! Some of you do not realize it, but the truth is that multi-touch screens are everywhere and there are many uses that can be given to them.

Its possibilities range from interactive screens, where the user has access to the map of the place (in an airport, for example, or in a shopping center), to the playful floors in the children’s rooms of fast food restaurants, in which children play a virtual soccer game or jump on the keys of a giant digital piano (literally). It is even being studied to bring this technology to the laboratory tables, which would allow to study the physical and chemical theories directly on them. It is neither more nor less than the next stage to traditional digital signage: interactive signage.

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Have the advantage

The great advantage of this technology is that it allows people to interact with advertising. It is not just about seeing a panel, a banner or a pop; what it does is invite the consumer to interact with the product. An expert Company, gives an example of creativity: There is a screen divided into three, video in queue, TIFF images of the products, and ten products in general. What about this? That you can interact with what you see. Depending on the amount of images that you are going to advance, people come and work with these screens. This makes the advertising more direct.

Multi-touch screens are surfaces that recognize touch input instead of using a mouse or keyboard. Its operation depends on several types of technology: infrared, capacitive, resistive and acoustic. Infrared works by blocking infrared. Capacitive ones, like the screens of an iPod, work through an electrostatic charge that on contact translates into a mouse command. The resistive consists of two layers that contact is created when pressing on a point. Acoustics are obviously by means of sound.

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This technology can recognize from one to thirty-two points of contact (fingers), and has been in use in the market for six years. Its origin is due to the needs and vagaries of corporate communication.

There are multi-touch screens of different sizes, and this depends directly on the brands. They can range from 7 inches for mobile devices to commercial displays, which for multi-touch deployments the recommended size is above 32 inches. Some brands go up to 103 and even 400 inches.

Large surfaces (those over 100 inches) are often solved with projections. Thanks to the advanced ultra-red technology, any surface can be transformed into a multi-touch screen. Thus, wherever technology is installed (an overlay that includes glass) the place becomes an interactive frame.

The creative idea goes both by the buyer and by the company that offers the service because it is not only about buying the hardware, you also have to think about the content. This is the case of Smart Touch: The customer has an idea and it uses to be built with expert assistance. It is advised to be done with best practices, what is feasible within their budgets, etc.